Camp Wild offers 2 types of acommodation i.e. - Choice of staying in Lodges and Deluxe Tents.  

Eco Lodge & Attic Lodge

The lodges are tastefully constructed blending with the natrual ambiance. The temporary construction has been done keping in mind the carbon footprints and all low foortprint materials have been used such as locally sourced stone, straw grass, glass, thermocol, fire bricks, fly ash bricks, walls have still remain unpalstered but beautifully done by matching with rural interiors. The lodges have been built using iron structure nut bolted in a unique fashion. The furniture in the lodge is also made from stone keeping it maintainence free. 

There are 2 types variants in the lodges. 4 Eco Lodges & 3 Attic Lodges 

  • Eco Lodge & Attic Lodge - The lodges ethnically made are very eco friendly standing out in architecture and provide an amazing experience for an overnight stay. Eco Lodges can comfortably accommodate 4 people and attic lodge with a ladder inbuilt can easily take upto 7 people.


Check in time   – 12.00 pm

Check out time – 9.00 a.m.

delux_tent 303Delux tent at Camp Wild

tent 305Cottages at Camp Wild