• Duration: 1 Days
  • Price: On Request
  • Best Season: All Seasons

Planning to
paintball in Delhi near me, or paintball in Gurgaon, then look no further than Camp Wild Dhauj and book this adventurous activity package at Camp Wild Dhauj. The people of Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida are always busy in the hustle and bustle of the city. You should take a day out to go on a holiday with your friends and family, with full protective gear for paintball activity and guarded by attentive staff, the thrilling experience is just right for you, if you like adventurous activities.

Paintball is the fastest-growing adventure sport in the world. This fast-paced, adrenalin-pumping adventure sport is played in over 50 countries and is a rage among young men and women around the world. In a character-building game, players learn the importance of teamwork and gain confidence while developing leadership abilities. But, above all, paintball is fun! Once the adrenaline starts pumping you can't help but love the thrill of the game!

Paintball is considered one of the most effective forms of stress release and has been used by the corporate organization in the United States, Europe as an effective training tool to promote teamwork and to improve communication and control stress within the team. is widely used in It is considered better than all simulation-based training programs as it provides the Real Thing!!

This is a fun activity where you have balls filled with dye, called paintballs. Which you have to kill your opponents. Initially, you are given 30 paintballs, the time limit of each match can be around 10 minutes or more. The match does not end until a team has won the match.

The Paintball Gaming Packages:


Gaming Time: 1 hour

No. of Paintballs: 30 per player

Min. No. of Players: 5 each side (total 10)

Max. No of Players: 10 each side ( total 20)


Shoot your enemies as you run across the field and achieve your goal. Various formats of this game are available with increasing difficulty levels – Capture the Flag, Centre Flag, Total Elimination. Get ready for 1 hour of Jam-Packed action!! Teams can play 8-10 games (of 7 minutes each)  in 1 hour. Players get extra lives, after getting shot, they step off the field for 1 minute & join the game again. 

If you run out of bullets, in one hour gaming time, you can buy a pack of Reload – 30 paintballs 

* Prices include rental of all equipment and gear – Markers, C02 gas tanks, Paintball pellets, Overalls, chest guards, face masks, gloves, and field rental.

* All games are conducted under the supervision of trained Instructors.


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