Hot Air Balloon

  • Duration: 1 Day Days
  • Price: Rs. 100,000/-
  • Best Season: All Year

Camp Wild Dhauj is the perfect choice if you are looking for an exciting place near Delhi for corporate events that also include tethered hot air balloon activity. The camp is located near Gurgaon, Delhi, where apart from the hot air balloon activity, there are many other corporate activities. Experience the cliffs of Aravalli Hill near the camp, drift with the wind in the serenity of the atmosphere in the balloon lift. Try this unique and beautiful air balloon lift experience at Camp Wild Dhauj near Delhi, and Gurgaon, where you can enjoy the spectacular landscape of the Aravalli range while soaring high. You can book this activity during the Camp Wild Dhauj events package.

About The Activity -

> Hot air balloons lifts are tethered from the campground.

> Riding timings of Hot Air Balloons are early morning and late afternoons when thermal currents are low.

> Activity is organized only for events.

> In our balloon basket, only four people can travel at a time.

Things to Know Before Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride at Camp Wild

> Arrive at the time specified by the trainer for riding as there is limited time for the activity

> Follow social distancing, and wash hands frequently, wear a mask.

> No sharp objects, lighters, knives, etc. are allowed to be carried by any participant during Hot Air Balloon lift.

> The lift conditions of the balloon depending on the weather. If the weather is bad for any reason, the lift will be suspended.

Hot Air Balloon Highlights

> Enjoy a panoramic view of lush green fields and the Aravalli range during a hot air balloon ride

> Take your camera with you to click some great pictures, admiring the 360° view from a height.

Hot Air Balloon Price - 100,000 Per Event


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