Death Valley Lake Faridabad

People have different ideologies about Death Valley, some call it a curse, some a miracle. But in reality, it is one of the oldest wildlife ecosystems left in the city. Which provides a comfortable and secluded atmosphere to the tourists. This valley is filled with natural crystal blue water. Legend has it that miners dug here to such a depth that they touched groundwater, and the quarry areas of the surrounding mines became natural lakes. During these years these lakes have taken the lives of many visitors, hence it is known as Death Valley.

Many lakes in Death Valley have swallowed people, but one of these lakes has overtaken the lake, which is known as 'Bhardwaj Lake', it has been called "Khooni Lake" in the last few years. The title is given. Local people believe that this lake swallows three people every year. But this claim seems completely superstitious, as the people who die here are mostly careless, or amateur swimmers, who jump into the water without any protection. Talking about the real beauty of the lake, it is a beautiful sight of pure crystal blue water. Swimming in the lake is now banned. If you are still thinking about swimming here, go ahead with full safety equipment.