5 Family Adventures to do in and around Delhi that you have not done before

5 Family Adventures to do in and around Delhi that you have not done before

January 14, 2019 0 By campwilddhauj

Regular family outings tend to grow redundant after a while. It gets tiresome to constantly gather around dinner tables or catch a random movie playing in theaters nearby. In such a case, family bonding time should get a new twist with a good dose of adventure thrown in. Imagine the joy of all your loved ones coming together, to do something thrilling and completely new.

You don’t have to do a lot of research in case you were wondering as to what activities you can try out. We have you covered with the best family adventure activities around Delhi. Not only will this be a completely new experience but it will also help you create special memories with the ones you love.

Camping adventure for families around Delhi

1- River Crossing
Until now, special time with family was limited to lounging on the sofa but imagine swapping it with a game of river crossing. This is exactly what you can try out at Camp Wild Dhauj that brings together the beauty of nature and adrenaline pumping action together. River crossing is a very exciting sport that the entire family can perform together. Adequate safety measures are put in place to assure that you are never in any real danger.

2- Hike to the top of the Aravali Hills
Beat the sedentary way of hanging out with your family with an adventurous hike to the top of Aravali hills. It allows you to explore the dense forests and lush meadows of the region along with experiencing the spectacular view of the hills and the surrounding areas. This thrilling activity is bound to not just give an adrenaline boost but a spectacular experience to your loved ones. An activity you surely need to try out with family members.

3- Natural Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Scaling rocky terrains seems like a very strenuous task and you would be wondering if this is really something you would like to try with family. Well, think again because we have made the activity not just easy but a whole lot of fun. You can indulge in natural rock climbing at Aravali hills and adventurous rappelling with the help of trained guides and experts. These are fabulous activities that you need to try out with your family.

4- Obstacle Course
A low rope course specially designed for large groups is perfect for a great time with family members. Be it Burma Bridge or Commando Net Climb, every member of the family will enjoy these fun activities. None of them are particularly taxing and each one involves teamwork. This ensures that the family works as one unit and have a fabulous time while participating. Shikhar Adventure Park provides such obstacle courses where you can hang out with your loved ones.

5- Paint Ball
This competitive sport of shooting people with colour filled balls is just too awesome to miss out on. What better way to bond with your loved ones then to enjoy this game full of fun and frolic. Awara Adventure Farm is the place to be if you wish to indulge in this sport.

We at Camp Wild Dhauj go the extra mile to assure that you get your daily dose of adventure. Check out our packages to know more about the thrilling activities we offer.