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Title :   Mindblowing experience
Travel date :  12-Oct-2013

Detail :  
I trekked for the very first time & it turned out to be very good experience.The mentors were pretty kind they give us a lot of free time to rest.
During the trek the view was so beautiful, didn't seem to be so near Delhi. The food was mindblowing , every activity was pretty tough but we enjoyed, the rooms were welly maintained. 
overall it was a good experience .

Send By :  Student from Shree Ram School
Country :  India
Title :   Well worth it!
Travel date :  13-Apr-2013

Detail :  
I performed many activities - rock climbing,flying fox,walking through the Aravali hills- around 2-3 km.
All the activities  which I did or planned to do aren't easy to do,but if you want adventure & are willing to give it all to the activity - your confidence,breath,tiredness,muscles,self esteem then you will love the activities, because when you finish doing them - there is an immense state of contentment that you experience. 
Afterwards, immense hunger hits you....so with a content smile on my face and packed french fries in wrapped tissue I walked back to my bus.
You are surely going to have a worthy part of your life!

Send By :  Yuvraj Bajaj
Country :  India
Title :   Appreciation - American Embassy school
Travel date :  17-Nov-2010

Detail :  
I would like to commend you for excellent campout. The boys so much enjoyed and a common theme from them was: `it was soooo much better than last year`s`. My son`s  comment on the rappelling was `that was the scariest and coolest things that I have done in my entire life and was even scarier than tracking that lion in Zimbabwe.` Your staff was excellent, hard-working, and very responsive and we ask that you pass on to your staff the tip below.

There were a few last minute changes - a couple of families moved from the tents to the cabins and one child was all of four years old, which is considered complimentary. I will submit to our sponsor to write the check for below amounts tomorrow, so we can pay what it is owed. Please let me if you have
any questions.

Dave Emmert
Pack Committee Chair .

Send By :  Dave Emmert
Country :  India
Title :   Appreciation letter for your services at Camp Wild
Travel date :  20-Jan-2006

Detail :  

Dear Mr. Tejbir Singh,

This is to appreciate the recently conducted Adventure Camp at your property at Dhauj `CAMP WILD at Aravali Valley`. 46 students from Pathways World School participated from 1st December to 3rd December 2005.

The meals offered were delicious and hygienic.  The location of the camp is majestic with Rocky Mountains in the backdrop and beautiful tents dotting the lush green grounds. Our students enjoyed the comfortable accommodation and not to miss the wonderful neat, clean and hygienic tiled bathrooms.

The staff at the Camp was very cooperative, efficient and professional helping our students to complete all the activities with full safety.

We appreciate the excellent management of CAMP WILD and must say that the camp was true value for money.

We will certainly make more future trips to the camp.

Thanking you

Pathways World School

Send By :  Principal
Country :  India
Title :   Delhi Public School
Travel date :  30-May-2008

Detail :  

Send By :  Delhi Public School
Country :  India
Title :   Abhyasa Residental Public School
Travel date :  23-Jul-2003

Detail :  

Send By :  Abhyasa Residental Public School
Country :  India