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All businesses and individuals view satisfied clients as their best marketing strategy. We strive in our endeavor to make our clients happy with services and products that we offer. We realize that if our satisfied customers give us positive feedback and favorable comments on how much the products and services are valued, this is the only organic way to a healthy growth. And even when no news is good news, a request for testimonials may be in order. As written or spoken endorsements that praise a business or pay tribute to someone's personal character and professionalism, testimonials proclaim the excellent attributes of a person or company.

Please read through innumerous testimonials from our clients:-

Corporate Testimonials

Bonfire at night
From : Chots1207
Date: 03/Jan/2014

Camp Wild is lovely. The views are impeccable and the drive through the village takes you back many years to the old India. We spotted peacocks, and heard calls of Hyena's at night. We even found the cutest "wild" pups with wolf blood and ended up adopting one. The rocks of Aravalis are great for hiking which we enjoyed. We also enjoyed some Frisbee and cricket before a night of bonfire. Overall, an excellent experience and I would recommend it to everyone. The staff is kind & hospitable and the service was good. 

The food was delicious, we had Paneer, Rajma, and yummy chicken! 

Overall - Go have fun and experience wilderness in the surrounds of Delhi!!

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School Testimonials

Mindblowing experience
From: Student from Shree Ram School

Date : 12/Oct/2013

I trekked for the very first time & it turned out to be very good experience.The mentors were pretty kind they give us a lot of free time to rest.
During the trek the view was so beautiful, didn't seem to be so near Delhi. The food was mindblowing , every activity was pretty tough but we enjoyed, the rooms were welly maintained. 
overall it was a good experience

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