62.jpgBiking in India is about to become the most exhilarating leisure sport. And, with our 360 approach to biking we've got the coolest biking tracks to quench your thirst for adventure all over India. Not only the remote tracks around our "CAMP WILD" near Delhi are exciting but also our canvas spreads to the entire Indian spectrum be it deserts, mountains, forests or coastal areas. Holiday Moods Adventures offers a range of super Fire fox bikes designed in UK and manufactured in Asia to the highest international standards, in state of the art facilities. We also offer safety accessories such as helmets and water bottles. So, come board your wheels and get out there and feel the wind in your hair.

Bike Specifications in store with us:
Colors:         Black/White
Size:           26"
Frame:        Alloy MTB frame (Integrated Head Tube)
Gears:         Shimano 21 speed gears with Revo shifter
Suspension:  Fork with disc mount
Rim Size:     26" Alloy rim.
Alloy V- brake, handlebar & stem

Riding Technique
If you are a new rider, the tendency may be to select a gear, which has you pedaling slowly. However, as a faster pedal rate maintains momentum with least effort, you should aim to achieve a pedal rate of between 65 and 85 revolutions per minute. This may feel strange and rather too rapid at first, but if train yourself into it you will finish your trip in rather better condition, having placed least strain on your knees and leg muscles.

Back Up
On trips of any distance, particularly in hot whether, take frequent sips from your water bottle. A mechanic always accompanies the group and we always carry a puncture repair kit along with on a trip, as it can be a long walk back! -(Though a back up vehicle is always there to assist you.) Our toolkit includes an Allen key and a spanner – a dumbbell spanner with different nut sizes is useful.

The Guide to Safer Cycling
Basic checks / guide to safer cycling: Before riding your bicycle
Are Tyre pressures correct? Do Brakes work effectively?
Are lights working? Condition of tyres.
Condition of brake shoes. Chain lubrication.
Tightness of all nuts & bolts. Are cranks tight?
Are gears running smoothly? No play in bottom bracket axle or wheel cones.
Is headset tight – no play? Cable lubrication.


The biking tour will take you through the little villages and very pretty countryside going from the Chattarpur Temples and cycle 25 - 32 kms towards Dhauj, in the Aravali hills, which are older than the Himalayas. Essentially it will not be too strenuous, and a variety of interesting experiences enroute will comprise visiting temples, a Rose farm, a rural village with interaction with village elders in 'Chaupal' style, drawing water from a village well, milking cows etc. and enjoying a rural farmer meal at Dhauj of cornbread (Makke ki Roti) and fresh greens (Saag) that will be freshly prepared. Also you may indulge in more adventurous activities as available at the camp. 


Services to include:

  • Fire fox bikes –26” all terrain bike
  • Accessories such as helmets,
  • Water bottle made from LDPE/ alloy
  • Tools back up – spanner kit, floor/ air pump, sealant, tool kit, repair kit.
  • Trained mechanic for back up
  • Back up vehicle to transport the bikes from starting & ending point. Also will be available throughout the trip.
  • Services of a tour leader
  • 2 Motorola radio sets for communication. One will be with the tour leader and the other with the back up vehicle.
  • Support team in the back up vehicle
  • Refreshments/ food for enroute such as juice, unlimited mineral water, power food such as chocolates/nuts etc, towels
  • Lunch
  • Medical Kit