Our Team

RAJENDRA KANDPAL (Manager-Adventure Tours & Events)
A very religious & simple man, Rajendra hails from Kumaon Himalayas, Uttarakhand. He is a travel enthusiast right from childhood & is as good as a mountain goat in the altitudes. Highly professional, he has lot of certification under his belt - (Advanced Mountaineering Course, CPR course, First Aid course, Intermediate Skiing course, Basic Rafting guide course). He has vast experience of 14 years in handling operations for high altitude trekking, rafting, and skiing. Part of the team since 15 years, his cheerful attitude & hands on approach make him very popular among our guests and team.
GOLDY DOGRA (Sr. Executive - Tours)
An articulate & highly motivated professional, Goldy assists the tours division. She is smart and responsible for sale & promotion of tours/ journeys; She has a complete command over contracting with hotels & keeps a quality control over execution of operations. Strong in Itinerary preparation & costings even in most stringent time situations, she is able to deliver with precision. Her varied interests include listening to music & enjoys being with friends.
RENU CHOUDHARY (Sr. Executive - Camp Reservations)
Renu looks after the camp reservations. Her meticulous & strong inclination towards her work & her approach towards logistics make her indispensable for our team. She looks after the file handling & other back end operations of the camps. She is a team player accustomed to work under all circumstances.
RAJKUMAR SHARMA (Resident Incharge - Camp Wild at Dhauj)
Affectionately known as "Raju Sir" amongst our team, he is the senior most team member and the resident camp incharge at "Camp Wild at Dhauj". Raju has been with us since 1998 when he first joined looking after the field adventure operations. A qualified mountaineer with Basic course, he keeps himself abreast with regular courses such as "First Aid wilderness & CPR" and "Rope Safety Elements" courses. He is instrumental in setting up of our new camp sites projects. He loves exploring the mountains and has extensively trekked in the Himachal & Uttarakhand Himalayas. His experience & exposure in the outdoors make him extremely capable for looking after the adventure operations.
SUJAN SINGH (Sr. Executive - Accounts)
Sujan is a young human resource in the accounts section, which helps us maintain good financial health of the company. He loves taxation and punching the keyboard instead of the boxing bag! As much as he loves numbers, in his free time he enjoys cooking food especially "Chicken".
VIPIN SHARMA (Webmaster / Graphic Designer)
A confident & extremely motivated professional, Vipin regularly maintains the website & digital marketing. He also maintains the social media platforms for the company. In free time he loves photography & enjoys playing cricket.
SURBHI SEMWAL (Executive - International Tours)
Surbhi assists the International tours division and International ticketing. Excellent in Itinerary preparation & costings. Her varied interests include listening to music & socializing with friends.
SONALI CHAURASIA (Executive - Tours)
A motivated girl, she assists the tours division in reservations, itinerary preparation & costings. She is our youngest team member & her charming personality makes her an excellent PR representative. Her varied interests include listening to music & play Badminton.
ALOK PANDEY (Executive- Outbound Operations)
Alok Pandey is Responsible for the outbound travel division operations and sales support. He is independent in contracting, itinerary preparation & costings. Knowledgeable on international destinations, he loves travelling. He aspire's to travel all over world and loves to writes for various travel magazines. In free time he listen to music, taking pictures & cooking.
VINOD KUMAR has been around for over 11 years. His duties include timely delivery of fresh supplies to the camp. Very efficient & supportive, he makes sure that all staff requirements are met on time. His sense of discipline is remarkable.