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Corporate Packages

For the corporate world, it could be an antidote for office stress or motivating the team to be a leader. For an overseas guest, itwould be a delightful experience of farms, Indian rural culture, adventure activities, etc. We have a history of bringing new and innovative adventure related games and activities, integrating relaxation with resolve while scrapping the mundane. Please find the packages below:-
Day Package
Day programs at Camp Wild are short stress busters. Enjoy picnics and choose from team building games, and adventure activities
Overnight Package
No experience beats the thrill of staying in wilderness so close to Delhi/ NCR. Our eco lodges and very nice and comfortable. For those who want the real adventure feeling, one may choose tents. Lots of adventure to spice it up
Conference Package
Conduct meetings, workshops and seminars set in the midst of nature. In a survey it has been proven that team members learnt the best when they were outdoors
Outbound Training Programs
We welcome the corporate world to find solutions to the human resource problems so as to enhance cohesiveness and synergies between employees. A team is a collection of individuals directing their energies towards a defined goal, which is achieved through their joint, complementary efforts.

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